The Blockchain Narrative Is Changing, But It’s Not Yet Mainstream

BLOCK INTEL’S TAKE: The full McKinsey video with Liana Douillet Guzmán is worth a watch. She concisely articulates the possible scope of blockchain platforms (big), but acknowledges what many do not–much of Joe public believes they are adequately served by existing systems (Liana cites the current financial system) that function well enough. It is the individuals that lack access to even the basic societal infrastructure that stand to gain the most from a peer-to-peer distributed database (e.g. remittance fees).  Read More >>

If you have been following the evolution of blockchain and conversations about its broad applicability, her remarks will not come as a surprise. What we do need to zero in on, however, is her point that Joe public may not experience a radical change in their day-to-day lives as a result of the technology. Something to keep in mind as discussions circulate that compare the advent of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to the growth of the Internet.

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