How Blockchain Will Disrupt Every Industry

Senior executives from Salesforce have come together to help explain the potential for blockchain for “every industry” – content marketing at its best.  This is a great primer for those just getting into the space, as it helps open one’s mind to the potential of blockchain across a diverse array of industries. Read More >>


It has become easy to get caught up in the pollyannaish nirvana of blockchain and how it will save the world, but blockchain is not without (significant) cost.  It can be cumbersome and too slow for many applications.

Often, traditional database architectures can be employed to provide the same infrastructure for much less cost and much more efficiency. Trust can be engendered by means other than economic systems built within a protocol. Thus, it is critical that executives not only understand the technology, but also embrace the fundamentals of the infrastructure to ensure the right tradeoffs are made.  Look before you dive.


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