ShapeShift: Exchange With Less Risk

DOB: August 2014 FOUNDERS: Erik Voorhees WHAT THEY DO: ShapeShift is a web and API platform which provides near-instant Bitcoin and altcoin conversion […]

Blockchain (in) Education

Employing blockchain in the education sphere is gaining more and more traction, with several innovative and exciting initiatives underway. This […]

Government Moves

Two seemingly minor yet interesting moves have also been made in recent weeks in the government sector:  First, the General […]

$100M is the Norm

There have been several investments / capital raises that have surpassed the USD 100 million mark in recent weeks. Coinbase raised […]

Derivatives on the Horizon

Many investors have struggled with entering the cryptocurrency space due to lack of liquid derivatives markets in which they can […]

Decred: Hybrid Consensus

DOB: February 8, 2016 FOUNDERS: John Vernaleo, David Hill, Dave Collins, Jake Yocom-Piatt, Alex Yocom-Piatt, Josh Rickmar. The development of Decred was […]

South Korea Legalizes Bitcoin

South Korea followed Japan in legalizing Bitcoin for international transfers and is working on a framework to regulate trading platforms and exchanges. Read […]

SEC Makes a Move

The SEC concluded that last summer’s “DAO” offering on the Ethereum network was, in fact, a securities offering and was […]

Badmouthing Bitcoin

The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Bloomberg and CNBC picked up on the less-than-positive reviews of Bitcoin as an investment asset by well-known, traditional investment […]