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BlockIntel publications provide unique context, insights, and other useful information to better equip you for the current and future blockchain emergence. Filtering out the hype to what matters, we highlight relevant projects and specific actors of interest within the blockchain ecosystem. From organizations to currencies to individuals, our goal is to provide you with actionable information and a decision advantage. Subscribe today!

BlockIntel Investment & Advisory

BlockIntel Investment & Advisory supplies customized counsel and reports directly to our premier clients. After we understand your needs and interests, we will work to discover new opportunities, present tailored intelligence and recommendations, and oversee implementation of all blockchain-relevant solutions. Contact us to learn more.


Is this you? You want to learn and understand more about the entire blockchain universe and how this technology will disrupt the future. More than anything, you are curious to understand how this emerging ecosystem will affect your own investments and businesses.

Upon subscription, you will receive 2 - 4 emails per month. Your subscription consists of BlockIntel's Take, BlockIntel Influencer Report and access to our complete and growing Archive. You can see samples of BlockIntel's publications below.

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Who We Are

Blockchain Intel is a consortium of experts that includes serial entrepreneurs and investors who specialize in the blockchain space. We also tap into our deep connections throughout the entire blockchain ecosystem. Our team brings with them varied experiences from the worlds of social media, journalism, top-tier business management consulting and strategic advisory companies, academia, and government. We identify the latest and most critical updates along with providing seasoned analysis which can be used by investors and others who impact and are affected by the world of blockchain technology.

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Who You Are

Blockchain Intel seeks to provide analysis and context surrounding the emerging blockchain ecosystem. Our target audience is the sophisticated business-minded actor who needs to receive actionable blockchain intelligence – information that can be used to make decisions – in order to gain a competitive advantage as an investor or business leader (e.g. you).