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We help shape your blockchain strategy and solutions, well versed in what is real and what is on the horizon. After we understand your needs and interests, we will help you discover new opportunities, present tailored intelligence and recommendations, and oversee implementation of all blockchain-relevant solutions.

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Bridging your business, industry and needs to the right blockchain infrastructure

Giving you situational awareness on blockchain developments happening around the world.

Providing insights on what we are seeing to help you and your team understand and prepare.

Types of Engagements


There are over 1,500 projects happening all over the world, and those are just the ones underpinned by a unique cryptocurrency. There is no question that projects are underway that may threaten your business or industry in the future. Let us dig deep to help you understand what relates to you.


Aware that blockchain is going to impact you, but unsure if you understand what is happening? Let BlockIntel provide you and your team a custom fit seminar, giving you the foundation to connect these emerging opportunities with your specific assets and ambitions.

Tailored Briefings

Need to understand a certain project and the key people involved? BlockIntel goes deep to uncover the related risks and opportunities respective of your needs and wants.